What’s the Vibrex Pile?

Vibrex type foundation piles are precast casting and in-situ pouring-and-digging piles formed by combining the features of fore piles. Since they have foundation piles of displacement type, they compress the floor during the piling by pushing them towards the sides. According to fore piles, there is no transfer of forage materials and environmental pollution because the technique does not require forage production. In addition, there is no problem of breakdown of the concrete pile heads due to the mixing of concrete bentonite seen in the upper levels of fore piles.If short or long pile construction is necessary for the precast pile construction, cutting or joining of the piles is not a matter of manufacturing according to the refuse values obtained during the casting in Viberx method.During retraction of the protection tube with a vibration of about 250-300 bar, the concrete quality is far superior to the fore piles and no different from the precast piles manufactured in factory conditions.In addition, with the production of one piece of pile, the risks such as deviation from the vertical in the precast piles, breakage of the attachments or corrosion over time and the need for transportation, storage and in field transport and cranes requirement consideration are also eliminated. In particular, it is necessary to install additional equipment in order to accommodate the tensions that will occur in the pilewhen they are to lift the long precast piles and brought to the pile position.This is not the case with vibrex piles. It is possible to save on equipment from the minimum stresses and working parts of the press.

In the case of early refilling of precast piles, it may be necessary to break the tops of the additional reinforcement to meet the maximum stresses and it is not possible to repair it.The precast piles are particularly vulnerable to damage during pile-driving in the hardened layers, to the region where the tensile strength of the joints is maximum, and to the risk of deflection, cracking, fracture and pile failure that can not be controlled during the laying.Due to having the much larger friction surfaces than precast piles, the load carrying capacities are also higher.Because of the displacement pit, they compress and improvethe floor where they are piled. Therefore, they have a much higher carrying capacity than the fore piles, especially on sandy and gravel grounds. The refu control is impossible in fore piles. For this reason,according to the ground drillings, it is not possible to make a long or short pile-driving. Vibrex piles can be made to the required length after reaching the desired refuse value with the driving-pile tube, so they can be produced much more economically, faster and without loss compared to fore or precast piles.

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