Geo Fond

Fondations Speciales

Geo Fond, entered into the 12th year as one of the leading establishment companies of Turkey.Founded in 2005, Geo Fond has been transformed into a totally contractor company on a global scale with the ability to contribute to Turkish and international gatherings through related construction activities.

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Geo Fond

Our Policies

Our Mission

Geo Fond has successfully carried out many activities in various place of Turkey with foreign partners and sees continuous and expanding participation in the Turkish construction market as well as the future goal of the contribution company in international projects.

Our Vision

Geo Fond has accumulated in cooperation with foreign companies and has achieved a strong reputation. Utilizing modern technology and experience, it extends the scope of its activities to include special foundation works with advanced technology. 

Our Environmental Policy

Geo Fond prefer to provide process management throughout the production process in the light of its three important policies. These are occupational security, health and environmental policies.

Occupational Health And Security

Geo Fond adopts practices and rules that follow International Labor Organization and Turkish legislation on occupational health and safety as its main policy.