Wick Drain

Wick drain applicationsare implemented to ensure consolidation by directing water quickly from cohesionless and underground water saturated grounds. Projects (Highway, railway, airport, port etc.) have been used successfully in the treatment of high soft clayey grounds under groundwater level.

Depending on the state of the groundwater and the layers obtained from the ground survey data made on the area, the wicker drainage size, type and the frequency of flushing are designed.Vibrators mounted on winches are used in the strake of the wick drain. Wick drains are polypropylene wickets that are flexible, containing longitudinal channels, and can provide high water flow.These drains, like filters, capture and entrap the water into the body and allow the water to move to the floor surface through the channels.Removal of surface groundwater from the construction site by means of wick drains is provided by the sand bed laid between the pre-loading padding.The preloading filler is determined based on the foreseen consolidation time and the ground parameters

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